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Water testing and treatment

Liberty helps clients to control legionella within their water systems through setting up HSE compliant monitoring packages, including routine testing and sampling, and ensuring a long-term plan is in place to manage and minimise the risk.

We offer a wide range of services to help clients minimise the risks associated with water systems, including the risk from Legionnaires’ disease.

Bespoke water treatment packages are available, set to suit your needs, whilst more importantly, offering compliance with current HSE guidelines.

Our regional teams of specially trained engineers, water treatment specialists and technicians offer a professional, cost-effective delivery of water hygiene monitoring packages and closed system treatments.

Water Hygiene and Legionella Control

The risk from Legionella in water systems can be quite high if the correct control measures are not in place. With over 50 years’ experience, our specialist team can deliver all aspects of water hygiene monitoring, ranging from Legionella Risk Assessments to bespoke monitoring packages, as well as completion of any required remedial actions to ensure our clients comply with current legislation.

Where required, we can also carry out sampling of domestic water systems for all waterborne bacteria including Legionella, E. coli, Pseudomonas, TVC, Coliforms and many others.

Our delivery of water hygiene packages is always created with the clients needs at the forefront as we feel it is important that results and information are delivered to our clients in a format that can be easily understood by all involved, and that all actions carried out can be easily monitored.

Closed System Testing

The treatment of water in closed heating and cooling systems is essential for the avoidance of microbiological fouling (biofouling), corrosion and scale. These problems can result in energy wastage, poor system performance and the need for early replacement of plant and components.

We can carry out the on-site testing of closed systems, and offer an in-depth analysis by independent UKAS Accredited laboratories where required.

Relevant Regulations

  • L8 Approved Code of Practice – the control of legionella bacteria
  • HSG274 – legionella technical guidance
  • BS 8580 – risk assessments for legionella
  • BS 7592: 2022 – sampling for Legionella bacteria
  • Health Technical Memorandum 04-01 – safe water in Healthcare premises


Legionella Control Association

Members of the Water Management Society

See our full range of accreditations, certificates, and awards here. 

How often you test for Legionella will depend on the outcome of your Legionella risk assessment. The risk assessment should be completed, as a minimum, every 2 years, or upon major changes to the water system. 

Please contact Liberty directly and we can offer advice specific to your system.

HSE guidance dictates that all areas accessible to the public are maintained in a safe manner – this includes properties that are landlord controlled. Get in touch with Liberty and we can offer the best advice for you.