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Passive fire protection

Supporting landlords to improve fire safety for their tenants and tested at least every five years.

We offer a full range of fire prevention services including fire door installation, inspection, and repair as well as fire-stopping to openings using appropriate penetration seals, linear joint seals, cavity barriers and air transfer grilles to prevent the uncontrolled spread of fire.

Compliant and certified installation

Using general maintenance contractors with no specialist training to repair or maintain fire stopping infrastructure such as fire doors could result in the effectiveness of the fire protection being compromised. Our BMTRADA Q-Mark Certification means you can rest assured that Liberty consistently meets the requirements of Building Regulations and best practice.

Our dedicated Passive Fire Protection Team are on hand to support you to meet your obligations. They’re specially trained to repair, maintain and install fire doors in line with the Q-Mark scheme, helping to provide a consistent service, supported by evidence which helps you to prove fire safety compliance in your buildings.

Fire door inspections

Fire doors slow the spread of smoke and flames in the event of a building fire. As part of our passive fire protection service, we inspect fire doors and report on their condition to ensure clients are confident that the doors that are installed are adequate and should maintain their integrity as expected within the Fire Risk Assessment and Fire Strategy for the building.

Repairing and maintaining fire doors

As part of our complete passive fire protection package, our operatives carry out repairs, replacements, and upgrades to non-compliant doors in communal areas and flat entrance doors in a specified time frame agreed by you and using certified materials from approved manufacturers.

Our partnerships with leading fire door manufactures means we can offer you the most appropriate, cost-effective solution to meet a range of requirements. Our BMTRADA Q-Mark Fire Door Maintenance accreditation means you can be rest assured that the fire door products we install have been manufactured and installed correctly and should perform as intended in the event of a fire.

Liberty work with well-known established suppliers such as Rockwool to ensure materials used in passive fire protection are compatible with all test evidence available. This also ensure that our teams have access to new standard details for fire stopping and are regularly updated on new products entering the marketplace.

The purpose of passive fire protection is to contain the spread of fire for sufficient time to permit the safe evacuation of all occupants of the premises and the arrival of the fire brigade. In addition landlords with multi-occupancy properties are required by the Fire Safety Act 2021 to frequently inspect fire doors and maintain the correctly.