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Responsive property repairs 

As a repairs partner of choice, we deliver over 82,000 responsive property repairs every year.

We aim for a first-time fix on all repairs and maintenance contracts, and our dedicated customer service centre is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, so we are always there when needed.

Our specialist team of property repairs and maintenance professionals are here to keep your assets well-maintained, energy efficient and great places to live.

Using a multi-skilled approach, Liberty maintains and repairs over 25,000 homes in England and Wales. And our Net Promoter Score of +48 in 2022-23 for this service as rated by our clients’ tenants, is proof that we’re at the top of our game and can be trusted to deliver great outcomes every day.

Supporting customers and their homes

Our highly skilled operatives act as your eyes and ears when visiting to complete or inspect a repair. Our operatives are trained to spot the signs of domestic abuse, neglect, hoarding etc and we have robust processes in place to ensure that all safeguarding issues are recorded and reported appropriately to allow the relevant authorities to take action.

We also routinely report issues property damage, damp and disrepair so that repairs can be raised as early as possible, minimising the impact on the tenant and preventing small issues becoming big problems. Where agreed with the client, we can even fix these small issues on-site at the time of them being identified, preventing the customer from being inconvenienced with another visit at a later date.

Data when you need it

Our intelligent systems, purpose build for the social housing sector, interface with client housing management systems to provide real-time data visibility on key performance indicators, costs and workflows.

We have experience of building data-interfaces with all major housing management systems, and our in-house ICT development team are on hand support the development of new interfaces when required.

Maximising first-time fix

From our years of experience, achieving a high first-time fix rate starts with right-first-time diagnostic and is supported by having a robust local supply chain and contract specific van stocks.

Starting with the customer reporting a repair, our customer contact centre operatives utilise client specific call matrices to help them diagnose issues over the phone, allowing them to pass on accurate information and to assign an operative with the correct skills and materials needed to complete the repair first time.


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emergency repairs fixed first time


We pride ourselves on our whole-home approach, so there isn’t a repair that we can’t handle. If your tenants have a problem, we’ll get it fixed.

From time to time, specialists may be needed or liaison with third parties such as local water companies, but we can manage this whole process, so you know your properties are in safe hands, and your tenants are being looked after.

Our customer service centre is on hand 24 hours a day, every day of the year, taking telephone calls, email and multi-language live chats so there are lots of ways of getting in touch.

Depending on the contract in place with the client, some customers approach us directly, and some go via their landlord. But regardless of the reporting method, all customers receive the same high standard of customer care.