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Customer contact centre

We handle over 500,000 interactions a year from customers across England and Wales. Our omni-channel contact centre operates 24-hours a day, allowing customers to manage appointments and contact us at a time that suits them.

We operate 24 hours per day, every day of the year, with an omni-channel approach which allows customers to contact us via telephone, email, post and live chat in 10 languages, allowing full flexibility and accessibility.

Experts in the social housing sector

We know that working around people’s busy schedules is important to ensure high levels of customer satisfaction, and to maximise the success rate of appointments made. That’s why we work with customers to find appointments that suit them, including evenings, weekends and avoiding the all-important school run, and offer SMS reminders of the appointment as a friendly reminder.

Skilled in over-the-phone resolutions

Where possible, we like to resolve a customer’s issue at the first point of contact, eliminating the need for appointments which impact on the customers day-to-day routine.

Our call operatives have access to client specific call matrices to help them resolve customer issues over the phone, as well as our library of ‘soft-fix’ advice which talks customers with heating and hot water issues through some safe and simple checks they can perform whilst on the phone that may resolve their issue without the need for an appointment to be made.

Every day we manage:

  • 500+ calls between 8am and 5pm (Monday-Friday)
  • 200+ calls during out of hours & weekends.
  • 80+ Live chat conversations


Phone calls answered in 2022-23


Live chat conversations in 2022-23

All contacts are logged, managed, and reported in a consistent, efficient way using our TouchPoint universal multimedia queuing system. PowerBI provides transparent reporting and ensures no handovers or duplication of contact records.

We have a dedicated complaints and feedback team within the customer contact centre that works closely with clients and customers to resolve any dissatisfaction effectively and impartially.

We have aligned our complaints and feedback processes to ensure we are supporting clients in adhering to legislation and within the timeframes outlined in the government white paper.  We aim to resolve all stage 1 complaints within 5 days.

Liberty is always researching new and improved ways of doing things. We have a robust process in place for customer feedback to be reviewed and analysed to identify route cause analysis of any dissatisfaction. Doing this allows us to take steps to change how we do things and innovate new ways of working to prevent similar dissatisfactions happening again.