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Liberty on track to make vehicle fleet all-electric ahead of Government deadlines

Liberty is taking steps towards making its vehicle fleet all-electric as part of the firm’s wider commitment to becoming carbon neutral ahead of Government deadlines.

Liberty’s fleet drivers can no longer order conventionally fuelled cars, but have a wide selection of all-electric, plug-in-hybrid and other electrified models to choose from. Eight cars in Liberty’s 40 strong passenger car fleet are now fully electric, with 29 plug-in-hybrid, hybrid, or mild-hybrids and only three conventionally fuelled cars left in the fleet which are soon to be replaced.

Benefits of electrified vehicles include reduced CO2 emissions, reduced running costs and lower taxation for Liberty fleet drivers who choose the greener vehicles.

Liberty is also participating in Leeds City Council and Highways England’s electric vehicle trials to test out all-electric vans and to trial them with staff who drive shorter distances or who carry light loads in their vehicles as part of their daily role.

Aligned to its existing vehicle upgrade cycle, the business plans to introduce more electric vans into its 700 strong van fleet from 2023 as initial purchase costs of the vehicles continue to decrease, and their load carrying abilities increase.

Sam Greenwood, Head of Fleet at Liberty said: “This move to more electric vehicles is part of our wider commitment to doing all we can to become carbon neutral and reduce our impact on the environment.

“We’re making great strides towards this but are ensuring we take our time and get it right.

“Partnering with Lombard has helped us get a real handle on the lifetime cost of electric vehicles, giving us the confidence to know that all-electric cars work for us today, and that cost-effective all-electric vans aren’t far away either.

“The feedback from staff on the new vehicles has also been really positive and we’re working together towards our target of making the fleet all-electric.”

Ray Jones, Group Managing Director at Liberty said: “Liberty is working hard to develop strategies and implement positive changes that reduce our carbon emissions and help towards our goal of having carbon neutral offices by 2030, with the full business being carbon neutral ahead of UK Government’s target of for a carbon neutral economy by 2050. The electrification of the car fleet is just the beginning of this journey, and we’ll be sharing more of our plans in the coming months as we release our business plan for the next three years.”