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Easibleed rolled out across the North West makes radiator repairs quicker

Liberty engineers across the North West have been trailing a new device to make radiator repairs quicker, easier, and less disruptive for our customers.

Easibleed is a new product which can be fitted directly to a radiator if the bleed valve has become worn out or defective.

Instead of having a valve replaced or having to replace the radiator with a brand-new one, our team can now install an Easibleed to the radiator which acts as a new abled valve for the radiator.

Adoption of this new tool offers many benefits to clients and customers.

Because there is no need to remove or replace the radiator, the repair is much less disruptive for the customer, and can be completed in a single visit, eliminating the need for repeat appointments or home decoration as a result of the repair. This also has the benefit of completing more jobs as a “first-time fix”, a measure which we regularly report on for clients to help showcase performance.

Steve Watson, Business Improvement Manager at Liberty who is overseeing the rollout of the Easibleed system nationally, said: “This is a product that enables us to complete a repair to a radiator that has had the vent pins damaged or rounded off and we are unable to vent it on the older two tapping type radiators.

“It simply gets drilled into the top of the radiator enabling us to vent it.

“It is beneficial to us as we can complete a first-time fix by the initial engineer fitting it instead of passing it back for a second visit by an installer to swap it for a new radiator.”