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Doing our bit this Earth Day

We all have a part to play in tackling climate change

By helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and working towards the Government decarbonisation targets for 2050, Liberty is doing our bit for a greener planet.

Today is World Earth Day 2021, a time to reflect on how we can both manage and reduce our impact on the environment. Carry on reading to find out some of the ways we are working together to tackle climate change.

All electric fleet

We are taking steps towards making our vehicle fleet all-electric as part of our wider commitment to becoming carbon neutral ahead of Government deadlines.

Fleet drivers can no longer order conventionally fuelled car and instead have access to a wide-range of all-electric and plug-in hybrid cars which will benefit from reduce CO2 emissions, as well as reduced running costs and lower taxation. Read more about how we’re decarbonising our fleet here.

Renewable energy solutions

We are experienced in not only designing, but also installing and maintain intelligent renewable energy systems in domestic properties such as solar PV, air source heat pumps and battery storage.

Liberty is currently working with NetZero Collective and 14 landlords across England and Wales to deliver research into the most effective combination of technology to deploy when aiming to decarbonise heating and cooling for UK homes.

As the property services partner to this research, Liberty will be on site delivering the first whole-house retrofits to decarbonise homes this summer.