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Case study

Working in partnership and sharing best practice to keep people safe and warm

Wanting to deliver the best possible service, Exeter City Council asked Liberty to provide in-house training offered to 48 employees from their back office and contact centre.

Operations Manager Dennis Hassan delivered the training sessions over two interactive sessions and one lunch time staff open event, delegates from Exeter City Council learnt about the different heating systems that Exeter City Council tenants have in their homes, how to better understand the breakdown so they could give the tailored advice and best practice aligned to the latest industry regulations.

The hands-on training was also tailored to each group’s roles. Call handlers learned how to deliver more of a people-focused approach and how to better assist the tenant over the phone. Tenant Liaison Officers gained extra insights into controls for when they visited properties so that they could assist tenants with setting their heating controls efficiently, and Technical Surveyors went through a deep dive into new regulations around unsafe situations electrically looking into Boiler Plus controls and new chemical cleaning of central heating systems to comply with BS7593:2019.

Feedback received from the attendees said that the session has helped them in their current role and that they had really enjoyed the interaction with Liberty and learning something new.

The partnership with Exeter City Council will continue, with Liberty planning more training sessions in the future.