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Case study

Voids variation process saves clients an average of £140 on every job

In 2021, Liberty, identified potential process improvements which could be made to the void process that was being used with clients in the North West.

The business noticed a trend of repair works being identified during the void process which fell outside of the contractual void standard. As such, these works needed to be approved by the client before they could be completed. Going through this process took time, and meant that most of these follow on works were then completed in the properties after it had been re-let, causing inconvenience to the new tenant who was then required to give access for repairs in their new home.

Through consultation with clients, including Arcon Housing and ForHousing, a new process was agreed where the Liberty team delivering void turnaround works proactively look for property repairs which fall outside of the scope of the contractual void standard. These repairs are then completed on the same day as part of the void process where they fall under a set spend limit agreed with the client.

By taking this approach, the new tenant is saved the inconvenience of having repairs completed in their new home, and efficiencies are made by avoiding the need for return visits which can be shared with the client.

Since launching this process, 1000 additional required repair jobs have been identified and repaired them the same day saving clients an average of £140 on every job as a result of the efficiencies Liberty can offer from completing additional repairs whilst already on site to deliver void turnaround activity.