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Case study

The gas industry holds more opportunities for women than ever

Liberty highlights the achievements of women in ‘non-traditional’ sectors as part of International Women’s Day.

Sarah knew of no women in senior positions in the gas industry when she started on her career 16 years ago.

Today she is now one of Liberty’s Service Delivery Managers in the North West and believes there are more opportunities than ever for women in the industry.

Sarah’s first role was as a works coordinator in another business where she worked with lots of other women, but none of them were in senior roles.

“To try and progress in the industry at that time was very difficult for a woman,” she says.

Her next role was as tenant liaison officer on planned installations, going into properties before and after work was carried out to monitor progress and ensure high standards. After another role as an installs team leader, she joined Liberty, where she has held several positions until taking up her managerial role in December 2019.

Sarah’s new role involves meeting all the engineers, working closely with the technical team leader and works coordinators as well as meeting clients after reviewing all contract documents.

She says: “Since joining Liberty, I feel things have improved for women, there are more opportunities available with positions opening up operationally that haven’t been there before. I’m excited to learn new things about the business and getting back involved on the servicing and maintenance side. Becoming a service delivery manager is my proudest personal achievement.”

Liberty is committed to encouraging more women into the gas industry. We visit schools and colleges to talk about the different careers available as part of our aim to increase opportunities to learn, encourage new connections and increase choice for the current and future workforce.

Sarah is keen to be a part this and hopes to be able to inspire more women to choose a career in property services in the future.

“Whether you’re dealing with engineers, clients, customers or office colleagues, no two days are the same in this job,” she says. “The gas industry has always been male-dominated but within Liberty there are quite a few women in high-profile positions now, which will hopefully inspire others.”