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National Apprenticeship Week 2024: Georgia Gibbings one year on

This week is National Apprenticeship Week, a national campaign highlighting the importance of apprenticeships and how young people can kick-start a career in their desired industry.

Last year, we caught up with apprentice plumber Georgia Gibbings, based in Cardiff. She began her apprenticeship with Liberty in August 2022 and hasn’t looked back, saying “The team here is brilliant. I can’t fault Liberty – they are so supportive and make sure I am getting all the experience and help I need” at the time. Read more here.

In 2024, we’re pleased to report that Georgia has recently complete her plumbing course and is about to start a six-month gas apprenticeship with the business.

Georgia said: “One year on from the start of my apprenticeship journey with Liberty, I look back on the incredible support and experiences that have shaped my growth over the last twelve months. Having just completed my plumbing apprenticeship, I’m excited that my aspirations last year of learning gas heating are soon to be a reality, and I’m so grateful to Liberty for allowing me this opportunity to further my learning.

“I’ll be starting a six-month apprenticeship in the next few weeks where I’ll do one week a month at a Gas Training Centre and then the other three weeks out on the road with the team putting it all in practice, which I cannot wait for.

“I love being out and about with different team members – it gives me a wide range of experience and I can learn so much faster when I see how different colleagues approach the task at hand.

“Looking back on the last year, the hands-on experience and supportiveness of the whole Liberty team have confirmed this apprenticeship was the right call for me.

“I can’t wait to complete my gas apprenticeship and become a fully trained member of the team and I hope this inspires others, particularly other women, to consider taking on an apprenticeship; they won’t regret it!”