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It’s National Apprenticeship Week, and today we are exploring the benefits to providing apprenticeship opportunities, not just for the apprentice but for the employer too!

According to the governments Apprenticeships 2020 vision, 70% of surveyed employers said apprenticeships improved their product quality and service, and that the cost of apprenticeship training paid for itself within a couple of years of completion due to an overall increase in productivity.

The property services sector requires a highly skilled work force in order to continue providing vital services in the future, and we believe that apprenticeships provide all the right tools to build a successful career.

Today we were challenged to #AskAnEmployer, and find out what people at Liberty had to say about the impact apprentices make on the success of the business.

“The great thing about apprentices is that we are able to teach them the liberty way of delivering great customer service from the minute they arrive. The business also has the opportunity to stay fresh through the new knowledge that apprentices bring to our teams. Our apprentices are all ages, but they all bring an amazing enthusiasm to learn new things, they also bring out the best in our mentors so they really are a great opportunity for everyone.

“The opportunity to be part of an apprenticeship scheme is the greatest gift you can give any aspiring individual as it provides the training and building blocks for the individual to be the owner of their trade and skills. It also helps to support our local communities; I would highly recommend any business to invest in apprentices for the future.” – Dennis Hassan, Operations Manager.

“Apprenticeships allow the staff to have hands on training in the workplace. Some of our staff mentor in local schools and they encourage local pupils to work in the gas industry and we also encourage apprenticeships to current employees. Recently our delivery driver has undertaken a six-month apprenticeship and has recently qualified as a gas engineer. This great example of upskilling of current workforce is really important for staff retention.” – Charlotte Kinnaird, PCC & Fareham Contract Manager.

“The investment of a 3+ year apprenticeship in our team has been well worth it. It hasn’t been an easy year for anyone, and we are still going through unprecedented times. The temporary closure of colleges has slightly delayed our apprentice’s progression, but we are nearly there!” – Ian Dutton, Install Manager.

We have seen lots of success stories through apprenticeships, which includes Kaci who started as a heating engineer apprentice with us in October 2019. Read about her apprenticeship journey here.