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This National Apprenticeship Week, we wanted to hear from apprentices themselves on why they think apprenticeships are a great pathway to build a future that works for them.

Apprenticeships can be a great way for anyone to learn new skills, build confidence and gain qualifications in any industry.

According to the governments Apprenticeships 2020 vision, individuals that completed a higher apprenticeship, could earn up to an average of £150,000 more than someone who hadn’t completed an apprenticeship over their lifetime.

Here at Liberty we’re committed to providing employment opportunities within the communities where we work, and are proud to have 52 apprentices currently working with us across the country, exceeding our target of having 5% of the workforce as apprenticeships.

Today for National Apprenticeship Week, we’re taking part in #AskAnApprentice, and asked our apprentices across the business what they thought about their apprenticeships. We have apprentices in all areas of Liberty including gas, electrical and plumbing, here’s what a few of them had to say!

“I really believe that apprenticeships are the way forward. You get to learn and gain real work experience at the same time. For me it was the best path-way as I didn’t like sitting in a classroom I would rather be out there learning practical skills first-hand.”

“My apprenticeship came at the right time and was a really great opportunity for me. I think if I hadn’t have started this, I would have unfortunately been in a gang or something, so I’m so glad to be doing something positive to build my future instead.”

“The experience is actually really fun and I’m loving the entire process. I have already learnt how to carry a ladder safely and how to deal with gutter problems.”

“I have nothing negative to say at all! I’m really enjoying my apprenticeship as there is lots of different things for me to do and get my teeth stuck into, it’s going really well. I’m getting on well with my op and have had a really positive experience all around.”

“I think that access to alternative provision should be offered to more people. If I would have gone to school, I wouldn’t have this apprenticeship and be where I am in my career today.”

Anyone can start an apprenticeship at any stage in their life. Read Zoe’s story about how she changed career path from painter & decorator to gas engineer through an apprenticeship with us.

If you’re interested in becoming an apprentice at Liberty, please visit our apprenticeships page