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Always delivering a people-focused approach

We were thrilled to receive feedback from a customer, telling us how one of our colleagues went the extra mile to deliver outstanding customer service.

Carl, a Liberty gas engineer based in Cardiff, visited a customer’s home to fix a boiler break down. As he arrived, the customer’s dog escaped through the gate and Carl was quick to help to get it back safely inside her house.

After helping to rescue the dog, Carl began repairing the boiler, and got chatting with the customer who spoke about her experience of social distancing during the coronavirus outbreak, and the recent passing of her husband.

A few days later Carl was out and about delivering the vital works needed to keep customers safe, when he noticed that same customer was on his revisit list for a different repair.

Knowing she was going through a particularly difficult time, Carl went out of his way to pick up flowers and dog biscuits to take with him when he visited, to try and cheer her up whilst she was staying at home to maintain social distance in line with the Government’s advice.

After the visit, the customer called the office and complimented Carl, saying “thank you for employing such a wonderful and thoughtful man.”

Well done Carl for going above and beyond! We’re sure the small gesture brought real joy and happiness to this customer during such a difficult time.