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We’re safely remobilising services

As restrictions continue to lift, we’re working closely with clients and partners to remobilise the services which were paused by the lockdown.

Liberty has been able to deliver all core services during the lockdown and that will continue as we remobilise those services that had restrictions placed upon them. Whether that be opening up more construction sites and cyclical investment programmes, or tackling any repair backlogs caused by the lockdown controls – we certainly have a busy few months ahead.

The health, safety and wellbeing of colleagues, customers and clients will always be the core of how we operate at Liberty, to deliver people-focused services tailored to individual needs. This will continue as we remobilise services and reopen offices for staff unable to work from home, in line with the COVID-19 secure guidance, and as we design new fully agile ways of working that will allow us to work smarter and deliver better outcomes for clients and customers in the future.

Throughout late summer, we would normally be meeting and engaging with clients and partners face to face at conferences, exhibitions and hospitality events around the country. But whilst we can’t meet in person, we still hope to see you soon in the virtual world. Liberty is sponsoring the sustainability hackathon at Housing 2020: the virtual festival, and a seminar where we’ll be joined by a panel of specialist to discuss all things zero carbon. So keep an eye out for more information about this being released shortly.