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Port Sunlight Village Trust, a renowned heritage conservation organisation, has awarded property services business Liberty a contract for electrical inspection and condition reports (EICR).

The one-year contract will see the business inspect and test electrical installations across 68 grade II listed properties in the Wirral.

The unique nature of this contract holds significant community benefits. By conducting comprehensive EICR testing, Liberty will contribute to the overall safety and reliability of the electrical systems in the heritage properties. This, in turn, will help protect the residents, preserve the historical value of the buildings, and maintain the unique character of Port Sunlight Village.

Lawrence Gilsenan, Liberty’s Regional Director for the North West, said: “The unique combination of grade II listed properties and the critical role of electrical testing and inspections makes this contract particularly interesting. It showcases the commitment of Port Sunlight Village Trust to preserve the historical heritage while ensuring the continued safety and wellbeing of its residents.”

Lin Whalley, Director of Operations at Port Sunlight Village Trust, said: “Following their proven track record, we’re delighted to have appointed Liberty to conduct EICR testing in some of our tenants’ homes. As custodians of Port Sunlight and a private landlord, it is important the electrical systems in the buildings we care for in this unique village continue to be safe and sound. We’re confident in Liberty’s expertise to help safeguard our properties for many more years to come.”

The decision to award the contract to Liberty was influenced by their proven expertise in delivering high-quality heating services for Port Sunlight Village Trust for over three years, further solidifying their reputation as a trusted provider for property services.

The collaboration between Port Sunlight Village Trust and Liberty sets a positive example for other conservation organisations and highlights the importance of maintaining the electrical infrastructure in historically significant buildings. With this contract in place, Port Sunlight Village can continue to thrive as a cherished heritage site, safeguarding its residents for future generations.