• Liberty goes the extra mile to support its customers

Liberty Tenant Liaison Officers work to support customers during the gas servicing process to ensure customer satisfaction and care, whilst maximising access rates.

Natasha Tunstall, Tenant Liaison Officer on Liberty’s Your Housing Group contract, has recently gone over and above to support the contract and one of its customers.

During the contract, it had been noted that historically there was a property which was ‘hard to access’ and posed an issue to the gas servicing programme. From experience, Natasha knew that ‘hard to access’ properties were often the result of customers needing extra support, and so she set out to make contact with this customer.

Natasha made multiple day time visits to try and make contact as well as out of hour’s calls but with no success. Natasha then decided to carry out an out of hours home visit to try and make contact prior to escalating the issue, in doing this she made contact with the elderly customer who lived in the property.

The customer advised that he had ignored the phone calls and letters, believing the service to be unnecessary as he did not use the gas in his property, nor did he use the open fire. Whilst in the property, Natasha noted that the gentleman was hard of hearing, nervous and did not appear to be looking after himself.

Natasha talked to the gentleman explaining the risks around not servicing his gas and solid fuel appliances, as well as the obligation which his landlord had to ensure his safety. Afterwards, the customer was happy to allow access for the works and Natasha supported him to make an out of hours appointment for the service to take place. He was also happy for Natasha to make a referral back to his Housing Officer to discuss his support needs.

Dave Lovatt, Team Leader at Your Housing Group, said:

"A massive thank you for the extra effort and assistance you have put in. I know how challenging it has been… I strongly believe the rapport you have built with the customer over the past week or so has gone a long way to enable us to get in and get the job done on time. Your observations have also led us to making a number of enquiries and referrals today with a view to getting this customer some extra help. All round another excellent team effort!”

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