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Case study

Delivering ‘miracles’ is all in a day’s work

Receiving a call from a client asking, “How good are you with miracles?” can be daunting. But after getting a little more information, Liberty Site Supervisor Mike Davies was up for the challenge. 

ForHousing, one of Liberty’s clients in North-West England, had been offered a full-size pool table for free which was in need of a new home. ForHousing’s Scheme Coordinator, Dana Murphy, thought it would be perfect for the residents in Lawrence Lowry Court in Swinton, Greater Manchester the supported housing scheme where she worked. But unfortunately, it was too heavy to lift and too large to fit through the door to get it into the residents’ lounge.

Not wanting to miss the opportunity, Dana called upon the local Liberty team for assistance, and the next morning Mike and four members from his team arrived to make miracles happen.

The team carefully dismantled the table and skilfully manoeuvred it into place in the communal lounge where it was re-assembled within an hour, offering residents in Lawrence Lowry Court a new option for enjoying their free time.

Dana said: “The tenants are over the moon, and it’s created a lot of buzz as people have bought their own cues and they are even talking about having tournaments!

This has already made a difference and will continue to improve people’s wellbeing, social skills, and motivation to name a few.

Massive thank you to Mike Davies, Rob Petrou, John Large, William Derbyshire and Dale Cuff from Liberty who made all this possible.”

Mike Davies said: “We’ve worked with Dana for several years, so when she rang asking for our help, I was happy to support. It’s great to know that just a few hours work from me, and my team can do so much good for the local community.”