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Altcar Training Camp reduces its carbon footprint

A Merseyside training ground used by local armed force units is reducing its carbon footprint thanks to a new hybrid heating system installed by property services business Liberty.

The Altcar Training Camp in Hightown is used by the Army Cadet Force, Air Training Corps, The Combined Cadet Force, Marine Cadets and Sea Cadets, as well as full-time and reserve tri-service units, for training and support, and the new technology means the site is a step closer to being zero-carbon.

The work saw Liberty install a new hybrid heating system at the barracks accommodation block. The new system includes a 48kW Mitsubishi air source heat pump as well as both electric and gas boilers and will help the barracks reduce their carbon emissions.

And by running it on the electricity generated by an existing on-site solar farm, the new hybrid heating system will help the Reserve Forces’ & Cadets’ Association (NW RFCA) reduce its running costs for energy even further.

The system, which previously provided all excess electricity to the grid, has been designed flexibly to become fully electric in the future. Thanks to additional pipework, up to two more air source heat pump units can be added in due course to replace the existing gas boiler and make the heating system fully zero-carbon.

The contract, worth £180,000 and awarded to Liberty in February by the NW RFCA for the North West of England and the Isle of Man for the training facility, has taken three months to complete.

Richard Madigan, Head of Projects at Liberty, said: “This was a really exciting project to be part of, and in such a unique location. The new hybrid heating system will offer the best of both worlds, allowing the NW RFCA to utilise more of their on-site generated electricity, whilst also having gas power as back-up when needed.”

Alex Croxton, Senior Surveyor at The Reserve Forces’ & Cadets’ Association, said: “The NW RFCA is always seeking innovative approaches to decarbonisation and this is another fantastic opportunity to improve our carbon footprint and lower utility bills on the Reserve & Cadet estate working closely with our contractor Liberty.”

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