• "We chose to work with Liberty to keep our residents safe"

    Adrian Eggington, Deputy Chief Executive

    Black Country Housing Group

The go-to people for property services

Liberty delivers people-focused, intelligence-driven property services that deliver better outcomes for customers and clients. We repair and maintain buildings, manage properties, build homes and support clients with all their property needs.

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Who we are

Our mission is smart yet straightforward: to be the go-to people for property services. To achieve this, we strive to build open, transparent relationships with clients and customers that help us deliver people-focused, holistic services that improve lives and make good sense - Liberty Sense.

The idea of Liberty Sense shapes the way we work and how we act. We strive to be people focused, innovative, accountable and transparent in all we do. It’s about keeping things smart yet straightforward, focusing on the people we serve and thinking ahead to deliver better outcomes every day.

As part of the ForViva Group, we are united by our shared values of passion, openness, respect and trust, as we work together to improve lives.

Group structure


Our values

To help us achieve our vision we live by the following values:

  • Passion
  • Openness
  • Respect
  • Trust

Our principles

By living our principles we’re able to deliver better outcomes every day.

  • People focused

    We’re people focused, which means we’re confident, friendly and connected to real people in the real world.

  • Simply innovative

    We’re simply innovative, driven by intelligent thinking and getting future ready to make an impact on people and communities.

  • Always accountable

    We’re always accountable and do the right thing every time, always trustworthy, reliable and transparent in our process.

  • Helpfully smart

    We’re helpfully smart, taking a straightforward approach and thinking ahead about the needs of clients and customers.

Above all, we’ll always offer solutions that are personal, smart and altogether better for all.

Better outcomes every day.

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